Thursday, March 26, 2015


It's been a while of blogging but thank you lovely followers and blog readers for keeping on checking the blog for an update.
 I've been really down with Pneumonia, I'm still in recovery, hope to get full recovery by next week.

Here are some pic I took while in school 2days ago. I wore an all black outfit and completing the outfit with a hat, I had for 3years and never wore it for once hahaha! I found in one my travelling boxes in my packing-store. LOL!

Okay, let Me end here, hehe!  I need to study, got lots of exam to accomplish next week. Wish Me good luck?!

Have a cozy evening like I'm gonna have later on.

                                               OUTFIT :-

                                  * Jacket by  MÄSSAY.

                                 * Mini-flerred Skirt by H & M.

                                 * Hat by GLITTER.

                                 * Net-Top made/designed by Me.


                                                                 Eva Banks.

Sunday, March 15, 2015



* Race Track Lap 400m x 3

* Press-up 10 x 2

* Jumping-squats 10 x 8

* 100m fast sprint 6 times. 

*  one-leg up squat 5 x 2

                              Guys, this really works! Since it's Spring weather now, it's amazing to train outdoor. This hard outdoor work is intensive and does really work. Since this week so far I've lost 4kg + eating healthy foods. I substituted drinking sodas to drinking  Ice-Tea, making smoothies with Spinach, candies for peanuts & fruits and I can see great results especially my abs. 


                                                         Eva Banks.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


                          Off  To School.

I wanted to give guys this tips, because it's really worked and helped me a lot!
I use waist-trainer regular basis, to school, work, gym, everywhere & at home.
I started waist-training with a real Rope-Tie Corset and then moved on to the Latex Waist-Corset by AnnCherry.

In order to get rapid results :-

1.  Eat 3-square meal with moderate portions #NoMountains

2. Go to Gym, and train regularly.

3. Drink lots of water as possible = 5L per/day.

4. Sleep less than 7 hours.

5. Eat lots and lots of fruits.

6. Have a cheat day to eat some portions unhealthy snack.

7.  Substitute Soda for Ice-Tea

8. Drink 100% fruit juice without extra sugar.

9. Eat lots of sallad as possible without sallad-dressing creams.

10. Don't stress yourself. 

A Vlogg of my waist-trainer

AnnCherry corset  185 US dollars

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 Yesterday, I was so lazy to get up from my bed because I changed it (got a new one) and feels so good to lay on & cosy!

This was my outfit to school with total make-up free face, only had to fill in the eyebrow. It feels good to have a fresh face & free from make-up.

I'm free from school today, so happy hahah!!! ...I went to the gym this morning pics will be up later on the blog, for now, I got to sleep and just relax.   CHAO!!!

                                                           OUTFIT :-

      * BOYFRIEND Denim Jeans by H&M.

      * Brown Top from Saint Tropez
      * Jacket by Vera Moda

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Today, was one of the best days of my life because I was able to sleep for more than 9hours after I was studying on Mathematics due to an exam coming up tomorrow and on Tuesday. 

My Outfit today really defined my mood.  I'm in-love with wearing Black Outfits, except during Spring and Summer. 
Mean while today marked it official the Day Spring starts in my country, warm but still cold 3°c . I love the baby-pink pencil lipstick I had earlier on today, before I changed to dark red-wine color because of the change of weather at night.



* Black mini-skirt by H&M

* White Top by  H&M

* Sandal-Heel Shoe by JustFab

* Bag by FENDI


Eva Banks.