Sunday, July 20, 2014


Happy Weekend guys!

Today I resumed work (2nd job at McDonalds)  after 4 weeks of vacation/semester.

Back to reality wanted to share this track of John Legend. It really describes my feeling right now, about relationships. I just don't get it sometimes, it changes your mind-set. Right now & since this past week I've been just so moody, even my boyfriend is worried. But for Me, it's a gradual process, that main thing for Me to feel secured is #TRUST ....But I find it hard to trust people and that I don't know what to say! ..Coming from a divorced home at a very young age, I feel it in my heart. Don't mis-contrue Me, I'm not having any drama in my relationship, I just want to know how to develop trusting people.

One thing about Me, when I trust someone I totally trust, but when you let trust pyramid to fall by disappointing, it'd be so hard to build back that #TRUST I had for you then. #OnlyGodGrace
when I meet people it's always like this in a pyramid form, just exactly like this tracks of John Legend song describing the feeling from first day-down to how I then feel ...May all I need is more loving :D





                 I hope, I'd overcome my fears! :P

                                                   GOODNIGTH! <3

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Beach life is fun specially with an amzing weather to grinde on :D
This pic was taken last week, when me and my boyfriend went to an Island off the coast of our city (1hr 30mins journey with tram & boat). It's fun spending time together here, ate seafood for lunch and bought ice-creams . that we became weak to move that we had to rest on the rock for a while.

A day before yesterday (Friday), me and my boyfriend went to another beach in my city in Göteborg, called Näset 
and guess!?!....I got sun burnt by the +35degees we had in my city, and we've never gotten our this warm upto +35degrees in 100 of years and the highest we had so far which was last week was +37degrees. My boyfriend wanted Me to jump into the water but I'm scared of heights :P I couldn't just swam only.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Hope you all are doing just great?!
 As you all know it's summer period, we have to spend every moment special this time of warm season before Mr.Cold comes back #Winter Lol!

  Yesterday, I went with my friendies, so funny people Lol! They made my day, full of laughter and happiness, that we swam in cold beach water and play hand-ball while in water, but the I got injured (my left foot peeled from a scratch from a huge stone in the water) and then played Volley-ball when we came out, and of course grilled.
It was amazing and full of FUN!

 2nd New Bikini By :- H&M

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Don't Wanna Work, Work!!

Happy Weekend Dearies! 

Yesterday, I completed my first summer job for 3 good weeks, which was basically full of enjoyment and relaxation with my colleagues and boss..LOL!!  .... As you can see from the pictures below, it explained how I spent my 3weeks job time haha...Me, my Boss and colleagues went to play Mini-Golf and I won amongst my colleagues :D Then we went to beach, and you know the city I reside in, is a rocky landscape, so the beaches in my city are mostly surrounded by rocks, it looks beautiful! 

Last week Saturday (Exactly 1week ago today), Me and my boyfriend went to Copenhagen, Denmark, we decided to drive there (3hrs drive from my city Gothenburg), but along the way, we decided to have a stop-over in Helsingborg city and took a 20mins ship ride into Denmark. We spent a night there at my uncle's home, and it was the first time David met my uncle and his wife, and they fell-in-love with him :D
Then the next day being Sunday, we went shopping the whole day (9hrs shopping) for clothes, shoes and drinks, because it's extremely cheap without restrictions of sales. That same day Sunday in the evening we drove back home In G.B.G (Göteborg) city.

I'd post pics of the clothes & shoe I bought in Denmark, on Monday. 

Having Lovely Sunday coming ahead!